First Half Marathon!

Here I am, staggering up the beach after running my first half marathon. Just a ‘small part’ of my ridiculous training programme. 24k in just under 2:16 mins and 25°C degrees. Perfect weather to suffer in.

I smashed my phone, lost my bank card and collided with a kid and his ice cream. These things happen in threes, right? Don’t worry, the kid’s ice cream was fine!

15 miles running up and down the coast to clock up the miles and I am spent.

My PT trainer encouraged me to watch Iron Man Cowboy. I recommend! I found it really encouraging. The dude does 50 Iron Mans in 50 days. That put my complaining and fearful attitude in its place.

Watching this guy crumble and resolve to carry on. Inspirational. The power of the human spirit. It put my mere Athens marathon in perspective, which is a good thing.

I hate running. I use to sprint back in '96. Exactly. Say no more. But my drive behind this is to raise money and awareness for domestic abuse and violence, particularly young people and woman. The reason being, in my last 30 years of life experience I have witnessed women and young people being the most vulnerable.

I have had my own personal experiences that I went through and I am hoping that my actions to run this marathon and transform my own life will help inspire women to stand up and believe in themselves. This is what the heart of my jewellery is all about.

Rosie Odette X