Fiona’s Bespoke Remodelled Diamond Engagement Ring

Transforming your old and once loved engagement ring is a really important thing to do. I met the lovely Fiona at my Christmas Pop Up at Push PR in London. We had a lovely discussion about how I love to make rings to empower women and soon got on to the conversation of how I remodel family heirlooms and engagement rings.

Jewellery is so personal and sentimental. Especially our engagement rings. They can also often hold an old story that you wish to let go of. And the only reason you don’t is because you can’t throw away a diamond ring and you also can’t because of the value of the ring that you paid for. Very frustrating.

That’s where my Rosie Odette magic comes in to play. I love nothing more than to breathe fresh life and a new story into an old and unworn engagement ring. A ring made to symbolise who we are today.

Jewellery is about empowering yourself, honouring your life's journey and telling that story of 'This is who I am now’.

I took the diamonds from Fiona’s wedding band and engagement ring and carved her new design from wax. I then cast her new design in 18 carat rose gold to really make her diamonds pop.

Transforming your old engagement ring from the time of the past, into a ring for an empowered woman of the future.

The raw materials