Pink Tourmaline Pendant

Here is my pink tourmaline pendant that I made for myself. Hanging off thousands of carats of rough tourmaline straight from the ground. Brazilian tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline and congo tourmaline.

I took my pendant all over Jaipur to search for this stunning material so I could make a limited edition collection pendant.

I searched high and low in gem factories across Jaipur, surrounded by random Indian men - thinking "is this a good or bad idea?" but my sheer determination surpassed my madness in trying to find it.

I had this material cut, sized, sampled - and still nothing was right. Tears! That’s when I realised, the piece of pink tourmaline I bought for myself truly was a one-off and I was lucky to find her.

I was lucky to buy her and now she has become priceless to me.

Something I always say to my clients, your jewellery is an investment in you, not an expense.

This epic gem hunt also taught me that when I find something that I really love, grab it with both of my hands. This is the gem industry. It is in constant flow. And when it’s gone, it’s gone.

So, if you’re drawn to something, trust it will make you happy for a long time, like my pendant has for me.

I say to all of my clients - go for what you naturally gravitate to, because that is what you need in your life - and it’s true.

When I saw this gem it jumped out at me. Too expensive to buy at the time, but I knew I wanted her. She resonated something within me and I knew she had something for me that I needed as I didn’t stop thinking about her the whole time I left.

I went away and looked up her properties. Everything I needed at the time. Only thing I didn’t get, was that she’s a great assistance for people going through break-ups. I thought - eh? I’m in a relationship? How could I be drawn to her? Three months later, I bought her, made her into a pendant and bam, on my birthday my relationship that I thought was right for my life, was categorically over. And I am so much happier.