Zoom Gold Emerald Queen Of Crowns Cocktail Ring
Zoom Gold Emerald Queen Of Crowns Cocktail Ring
Zoom Gold Emerald Queen Of Crowns Cocktail Ring

Gold Emerald Queen Of Crowns Cocktail Ring


The Emerald Queen of Crowns Cocktail Ring. This unique and exquisite emerald ring boasts seventy seven electric spring-green glistening emeralds in a beautiful crown of yellow gold.  

This ring is made to order in 18 carat gold. Please allow minimum 6 weeks for delivery. This design is also available in diamond, ruby and sapphire gemstones. Prices may vary. Please contact us for further details.

Story of the ring
Inspired by an antique ring I found on one of my treasure hunts in Jaipur, India, I wanted to recreate this truly divine and unusual piece of jewellery, set with a halo of emeralds to symbolise eternal love. 

I adore emeralds and so did Queen Cleopatra. Cleopatra loved this mystical, beautiful stone so much she had emerald mines named after her. 

Emerald Magic
Emerald is the perfect gemstone for marriage and love. Known as a gem to be a seeker of love. It's also known to reveal the truth in ourselves and others. The energies of the emerald will inspire you to do everything with truth, love and integrity – my kind of stone!

Once you commit to possessing and wearing this beautiful green stone in your life, you will enjoy all the more love, passion and meaning in your romantic relationships. It will always feel new and give you a sense of security and belonging.

Emerald spirit is filled with deep honesty and integrity.

A gemstone that renews the heart chakra. It nurtures the heart, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit. Because emerald stimulates the heart chakra, it has a healing effect on the emotions as well as the physical heart. When you meditate with an emerald it will help connect you to the divine love. Love of self and all others.

Divine love is the cosmic intelligent life force of the universe. We can all access it! And when you do, it will open the heart to accept all things in life as a beautiful gift.

This engagement ring design is also available in sapphire, diamond and ruby gemstones. Price may vary. Please email us for more details. 

Made to order.

Regal Philosophy 
Royalty adorned themselves with jewels for their protective healing powers and as a display of their own unique worthiness and power. This exclusive collection brings that ancient tradition back to life. Resplendent with precious and semi-precious gemstones sourced from my treasure hunts in Jaipur in India, each ring and each gem tells a story of the queen that resides in every woman. Queens do not wait. They adorn themselves with the ring of their dreams. 

You are a Queen. Whatever the circumstances you find yourself in, never let that crown slip from your head.

Emerald Vibes
Chakras - Heart Chakra
Birthstone – May
Zodiac - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra

Emerald is a 20th and 55th Anniversary gemstone

Healing with Emerald
Love. Romance. Joy. Cleansing. Intuition. Clairvoyance. Faith. Serenity. Intelligence. Clear vision. Truth. Memory and communication. Physical and emotional healing.

Gold Emerald Queen Of Crowns Cocktail Ring