Zoom Gold, Pink Tourmaline & Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring
Zoom Gold, Pink Tourmaline & Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring
Zoom Gold, Pink Tourmaline & Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

Gold, Pink Tourmaline & Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring


This stunning pink tourmaline and champagne diamond engagement ring boasts an exquisite four carat cushion cut 'champagne pink' tourmaline and six sparkling champagne diamonds. Each of these precious gemstones has been personally sourced by myself from the Pink City, Jaipur.

This ring is made to order in 18 carat gold. Please allow minimum 6 weeks for delivery. This design is also available in diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby gemstones. Please contact us for further details, price may vary. 

Only three pink tourmalines are available for purchase.

Story of the Ring
A beautifully elegant and very pretty design, this creation came to me on my last gem hunting trail across the dusty pink city, Jaipur. I immediately fell in love with these pink tourmalines as soon as I lay my eyes on them. Such a beautiful colour combination with the champagne diamonds. This ring is for a woman who not only loves champagne and champagne diamonds but who also adores the colour pink. Hmm. I think I could be talking about myself here.

A strikingly beautiful and unique engagement ring, made for a woman who wants her engagement ring to truly speak to her.

Pink Tourmaline Magic

Pink tourmaline strengthens your heart and helps you understand love. She gently guides you to live and create from a space of love, guiding you towards loving vibrations. Stimulating healing qualities of the heart she will naturally raise you to a higher loving consciousness. Through activating loving energies within you, she will help you feel more self-confident, happy and your fears and any negative energies and environments will naturally fall away from you like a leaf uncurling from a tree in autumn.

Champagne Diamond Magic
Champagne diamonds are my favourite kind. They decadently decorate this stunning dusty pink tourmaline but what is so special about champagne diamonds is that they have this stunning, vintage and timeless lustre to them. The kind you only see on a 50’s red carpet. Holding special inclusions, it gives the diamond this unique, champagne and caramel fire and sparkle. 

Many light healers use diamonds for powerful healing and spiritual awakenings. Diamonds activate the crown chakra, clearing the clouds from your mind and heart guiding you safely on your own personal journey to your Divine enlightenment.

Pink Tourmaline Vibes
Zodiac - Virgo, Libra
Chakras - Heart Chakra
Birthstone - October

Pink Tourmaline Healing
Flexibility. Happiness. Objectivity. Compassion. Serenity. Balance. Positive transformation. Healing. Strength. Tolerance. Understanding.

Diamond Vibes
Chakras - Crown Chakra
Birthstone – April
Zodiac - Aries, Taurus, Leo

Diamond Healing
Purity. Harmony. Love. Abundance. Prosperity. Spiritual awakening.

Diamond is a 60th Anniversary gemstone

Gold, Pink Tourmaline & Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring