Zoom Silver & Gold Labradorite Bracelet Bracelet Rosie Odette Jewellery
Zoom Silver & Gold Labradorite Bracelet - 30% Discount applied at checkout Bracelet Rosie Odette Jewellery

Silver & Gold Labradorite Bracelet


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Lovely labradorite. Here I am modelling our Labradorite Bracelet in the back streets of Dalt Vila in Ibiza. No filter on this beauty. She really is all that incredible natural fire and beauty. I love this bracelet. Simply because she holds a stone of pure magic and indigo fire that you only see when a peacock displays his Divine iridescent feathers. 

This beautiful piece can be worn faceted face up or flat side. Mirroring her magical peacock hues in the sunlight. Finished with a sterling silver gold chain and gold vermeil.

This bracelet looks perfect with our matching Labradorite Hook earrings, Labradorite Shoulder Duster Earrings and Labradorite Pear Pendant Necklace. Looks stunning in just a t-shirt or dressed up to kill.

Labradorite Magic
This is a gem of true beauty and wonder. Why? With the right intention she holds the energetic magic to manifest your dreams into reality. Labradorite will not only decorate you beautifully, she will also assist you in summoning up the courage to realise your dreams.

As Goethe said "Seeing is believing". This is what we are all about at Rosie Odette. If you can see it, you can believe it, and if you can believe it - you can and will manifest it. After all, what is life about if you forgot to live for your dreams? 

Opulence Philosophy 
I created the Opulence Collection to inspire and celebrate women in their natural, feminine beauty. Natural gemstones hold inclusions. Each gem symbolises your unique beauty – no tweaks, no changes – just you, as you are, in all of your natural, flawsome, glorious beauty.

Labradorite Vibes
Chakras - Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra
Zodiac - Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Typical colours - Pale green, blue, colourless, grey-white: with iridescent blue, gold, purple flashes

Labradorite Healing
Transformation. Strengthens our will. Stimulates imagination. Calming.

Silver & Gold Labradorite Bracelet Bracelet Rosie Odette Jewellery

Silver & Gold Labradorite Bracelet